J’écris en anglais mais je suis heureux de recevoir vos demandes et questions en français.
Bonne chance et bienvenue en Australie.


The purpose of this webpage is to provide general advice to French people who are interested in doing business or setting up a business in Australia.

An Australian Chartered Accountant and Business Advisor



My name is John Yeomans, I am an Australian Chartered Accountant with over 20 Years' experience in Australian taxation, accounting and business advice. I am the director of KIS Australia Accounting and Taxation Consultants which is a small accountancy practice located in Perth, Western Australia. I am also a student of the French language and have an interest in French culture and lifestyle, which is my motivation for providing this free service.


If you wish to operate a business or work in Australia you will need the correct visa. You will find the Australian Government website www.immi.gov.au a very helpful starting point for your enquiries. If you wish to apply for a visa you can use a Registered Migration Agent for your application or apply personally. Migration agents operating in Australia must be registered with the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority.


Before starting a business you need to decide what type of entity you wish to use to operate your business. The choices are: sole trader, partnership, private company or trust. This choice is important as income tax law and business law apply differently to each of these entities. You will also find that there are taxes in Australia which do not exist in France and vice- versa, so you will want to have a basic understanding of how Australian taxation might affect your business.

Growing a successful Business


Most importantly you will want to know the likelihood of your business being a success in Australia. As your customers will be mostly Australian, your understanding of what works in France may not be a good guide to what will bring you success in Australia. It will pay you to familiarise yourself with what is available here and how your product or service might appeal to Australians.


Please feel free to contact me via email with any queries you may have or for further advice. This is a free service, however I would be happy to receive your enquiries or referrals regarding my professional services in due course.